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Sensory Room

Sensory Room

Decorating & Design

(serving Pretoria and surrounding areas)

Consultation & Design:

Our knowledgeable staff will approach each project in the same collaborative manner, as we take time to understand your individual requirements, ideas and budget.  Based on your specifications, we will create a unique sensory room layout that creates a safe, functional and stimulating environment. We are passionate about creating inclusive environments and providing innovative solutions for individuals with neurodiverse needs.

Sensory Room Decoration:

We’ll carefully choose and install features that encourage sensory exploration, relaxation, and engagement, from calming colours and tactile textures to interactive lighting and captivating sensory equipment. We’ll materialise your idea, whether it’s a sensory wall, a quiet corner, or a whole multi-sensory zone.

Installation and Setup:
Our knowledgeable staff will take care of the installation and setup after the design is complete, making sure each component is set up and placed correctly for optimal performance and safety. We’ll also offer advice on cleaning and maintenance, so your sensory room remains a lively and harmoneous area for many years to come.
Who Can Benefit:
Why Choose Us:

With Sensing Autism, you can turn any area into a sensory paradise. Contact us today to discuss how our services can transform your space and enhance the lives of those you serve. Together, let’s create a more inclusive future and start the process of establishing a caring space for people with neurodiverse needs.

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