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In-home Day Care Facilitation

In-Home Day Care Facilitation

Welcome to Sensing Autism’s In-home Day Care Facilitation Services for Children with Autism and Learning Disabilities!

A special combination of empathy, patience, and specialised skills is needed to care for children with autism and learning difficulties. Our facilitators at Sensing Autism are skilled individuals who specialise in helping children with diverse needs. Families seeking to provide individualised, committed support in the comfort of your home for children with Neurodiverse challenges. You can count on us, while we guarantee a superior quality of life for each individual!

In-Home Day Care Facilitation Package Includes

Individualised Care Programs:

Recognising the unique characteristics of every child, we customise our programmes to address their particular needs and preferences. Our approach is adapted to meet the unique needs of every child, whether it involves the use of communication aids, sensory-friendly activities, or the implementation of visual schedules.

Structured Support:

For children with autism and learning challenges, consistency and structure are essential. We provide children with clear expectations and well-organized routines so they can feel supported, comfortable, and safe in their surroundings.

Skill Development:

We support children’s independence and give them the tools they require to develop the skills they need. Our approach involves utilising interactive exercises and tailored interventions to enhance abilities related to everyday life, socialisation, and communication.

Family Collaboration:
We understand that working together with families is essential to giving Nuerodiverse children  the best care possible. We keep channels of communication open, including families in decision-making steps, and collaborate to develop a comprehensive care strategy that satisfies the requirements of the family and the child.

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