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Autism Practitioner

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Our core mission is to empower individuals with neurodiverse needs and their families. Our Independent Autism Practitioner, provides a customised and holistic approach to assist individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (and other learning difficulties) realise their greatest potential.

In-Person or On-Line Specialised Educational Support Package include

Individualised Therapy:

Customised intervention plans created to meet the unique needs and objectives of every person with autism spectrum disorder. By implementing individualised, evidence-based techniques, our approach prioritises the development of fundamental skills and the promotion of independence.

Family Support & Education:

We recognise the value of family engagement in the lives of people with ASD. We give families all-encompassing support and knowledge so they may better support their loved ones by providing them with information and techniques.

Behavioural Interventions:

For people with ASD, effective behavioural interventions are essential to addressing challenging behaviours and fostering positive outcomes. To address particular behaviours and encourage skill development, we provide behaviour management plans and tactics.

Social Development Skills:

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder may find it difficult to navigate social situations. We offer support to individuals in making meaningful connections and thriving in social situations. We also assist with focused interventions and social skills training.

Advocacy & Resources:

We support the needs and rights of individuals with ASD by offering assistance and resources to help them get around the system and access services. We’re here to help at every stage, whether it’s navigating the educational system or making connections with community resources.

We at Sensing Autism support a collaborative, strengths-based approach. We work harmoniously with families, individuals with ASD, and other professionals to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment where those with special needs may flourish!

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